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MAGIX Music Manager  v.2006

Your music everywhere! MAGIX Music Manager 2006 stands for mobile music and new trends like podcasting l for songs and sounds that accompany you anytime, anywhere.

Helium Music Manager 7 build  v.7856

Helium Music Manager 7 build 7856 is considered to be a highly efficient and

Monty Music Manager  v.1.0

A music manager write in csharp use the TagLib project in background to open the id3Tags Manage and organise the music files and update the id3 from internet

Goggles Music Manager for Linux  v.0.12.5

Goggles Music Manager is a music collection manager and player that automatically categorizes your music files based on genre

Mcube Music Manager  v.0.2

mcube is a digital music manager.

Arn Music Manager  v.0.2

The aim of the project is to implement a funny SDL-based user interface for mpg123, mkisofs, cdrecord, lame and other very powerfull command-line based tools. Feel Free to see your music on your

Java mp3 music manager  v.1.0

Manage your mp3 files with jmusicmanager. It can find mp3, create playlist, edit tags, and more. There are several interfaces, you can customize almost the whole GUI, and you can extend the funcionality via plugins. Do you want more? Request

Yammi - Yet Another Music Manager I...  v.1.2.3

Yammi manages large song collections (mp3/ogg/flac/wav...), provides fast and easy access to your songs via fuzzy search or an automatic folder structure, supports XMMS, Noatun, gstreamer or arts as media players and offers a simple plugin

SunOne Player  v.1.0

SunOne Player is a music manager with the ability to play sound samples and video and can utilize the computers system beep to create music. The SunOne player team is trying to make Sunone one of the best media player in the world base on

TuMusika Evolution  v.1.0

Web-Based music manager, it has support of playlists and podcasts, you can add lots of mp3 music, create lots of playlists and manage cover images,then use the embed code to add it to your weblog, homepage,etc. PHP &

Prokyon3  v.0.9.6

prokyon3 is a multithreaded music manager and tag editor for Unix (developed on Linux).

Gnomad2  v.2.9.1

Gnomad2 is a GTK+ music manager and swiss army knife for the Creative Labs NOMAD and.

Yammi  v.1.2.3

Yammi is a digital music manager targeted at listening to and managing large song collections on your computer (eg.

Pragha  v.0.99.0

A lightweight GTK+ music manager

Power Music 3  v.

Power Music is a handy and very easy to use software that was designed in order to offer you all the tools needed to create and manage your music. Set up play lists, display full screen for practice or performance. Transpose chord sheets, turn pages

Froddle Pod  v.1.01

Froddle Pod is a completely free iPod Manager. It can be used to copy media to and from your iPod. Features include transferring music and video files to the ipod, transferring music and video files from the ipod, normalizing music, iPod backup, iPod

Hanso Player  v.3.7.0

Hanso Player is an audio software offering great features like a smart interface, net streaming, mp3 wav converter, an integrated ID3 editor which makes renaming and changing files easier. It supports MP3, FLAC, AAC, MP4, WMA formats.

MCubed for Windows  v.1.0 Beta 4

mCubed is a media management application.

Qnet  v.1.70

Qnet is a software suite designed to automate the tasks of scheduling and playing songs, spots, jingles, reports and other types of services present at a radio broadcasting station. A special accent has been put on the networking capabilities -

Flookey  v.1.2

This software ... * helps you to create meaningful playlists* * provides efficient navigation through your personal song library * adapts to your personal listening preferences and suggests songs from your private library * creates dynamic and

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